A smart cost approach

Intelligent building - Great, but ... .. How much does it costs ?


Panels, actuators, controls, sensors and accessories - of course, involve increased financial resources. However, this investment can be spread over several weeks to over a dozen years. It is important to develop the concept of system operation in the initial phase and, accordingly, to prepare the cabling, the costs of which will be slightly higher than those prepared in a conventional way.

Such installations can be run in a completely traditional way - however, it is possible to arm the system in "intelligence" at any time by touching either part or all of the building.

What's more, the user can choose from the vast majority of open or closed building automation systems. LM-Automatyka can prepare installation diagrams readable to any integrators. You do not need to be associated with any supplier or system!


You don’t know today if you want to have a smart building? Invest in cabling and leave the door for the future.