Alarm systems

Thanks to the use of proven, branded SATEL equipment, LM-Automatyka will provide you with a reliable security system (alarm). Depending on the condition of the building, we install:

  • Wired systems
  • Wireless systems
  • Hybrid systems (combination of functionality of both above)

In order to know the details, please contact us.


Shipping programming

We provide programming services for the client's alarm control panel at the company's headquarters (with the option of purchasing and delivery of the head office itself). After arrangements we prepare and upload configurations to the device and send along with a simplified user manual to the user, offering full technical support (by phone or email) during connection and commissioning. For options with a GSM card, it is possible to remotely adjust settings.



Programming the control panel (reference prices without transport costs):

  • keypad, siren and max. 10 motion sensors, up to two zones - PLN 150 + VAT
  • keypad, siren and max 20 motion sensors, up to two zones - PLN 250 + VAT
  • other, unusual - individual valuation
System description

Depending on the user's needs, the alarm system can:

  • operate from several up to several dozens of motion, roller shutter or vibration sensors
  • operate several outputs (signalling devices, control outputs)
  • support wireless outputs and inputs
  • have a GSM / GPRS module with 2 SIM sockets (information on phone events)
  • operate several keypads
  • remember several thousand events
  • have several programmable timers
  • be reconfigured by the user from the manipulator level

System control by:

  • keypads: PRF-LCD or wireless keypads PRF-LCD-WRL
  • mobile application
  • MPT-350 remote controls (up to 15)