Electrical measurements

Every electrical installation must be completed with electrical tests and measurements carried out by authorized electricians. In addition, the law and other agreements (eg. Property insurance) impose on the owners to regularly review the status of the technical installations.


Legal requirements

According to Polish Law, pursuant to the Act of 7 July 1994 Construction Law (unified text DzU from 2013, item 1409, as amended), objects should be subject to periodic inspection by the owner or manager at least every 5 years during their use.

Failure to comply with regulations may result in sanctions. However, the most severe can occur in the event of damage. At present, insurance companies reserve in the general insurance conditions that they may not pay compensation if the event occurred as a result of failure to perform mandatory technical inspections or periodic inspections of the building.

The LM-Automatyka company provides services in the scope of control measurements of installations such as checking the effectiveness of the protection against electric shock and insulation resistance.


In particular, we perform:

  • testing of insulation resistance
  • short circuit loop impedance measurements
  • measurements of RCDs (response parameters - current and time)
  • earth resistance measurements