An intelligent building

Modern technology has turned the standard approach to electrical installations upside down. Many years ago independent circuits, despite the advanced automation, worked in an autonomous way realizing their tasks - the CO controller monitored the temperature in the room regardless of the presence (or lack of presence) of house members or open windows. Building light scenarios required the use of a fairly extensive palette with wall-mounted keys, and the turned on light left in the garage was turned off only during the next car trip.


Currently, it is possible to combine different systems to create any compositions, and the limitation (apart from the budget) is only the imagination of the household member.


Despite the differences between IB systems available on the market, all solutions proposed by LM-Automatyka offer:

  • Management and any lighting configuration
  • Management of window blinds
  • Control of underfloor heating and DHW as well as ventilation
  • Integration with the alarm system and the use of already installed motion sensors
  • Management of electrical sockets
  • Control from the touch panel
  • Control via a phone, tablet or computer from home or from any place of the world
  • Independent parameterization of the system (eg. time when the socket is turned off in a children's room)
  • Connecting with other devices (different suppliers)
  • The possibility of a classic or modernist look of control devices (eg. buttons)

What is important, once programmed system can be reconfigured (usually without interference in the installation itself) or expanded at any time in the future.



LM-Automation integrates:

  • A PLC-based solution
  • System solutions – AMPIO
  • System solution - Reserve
PLC based solution

Reliable, PLC controllers taken from the industry, which in very difficult conditions have been implemented to manage tasks for decades, nowadays, mainly due to affordability, can freely take control of the building.

Thanks to the popular MODBUS RTU system it is possible to create an open distributed system, to which you can attach practically any number of peripheral devices. Connecting to the Ethernet network enables control of connected objects from the desktop, computer or smartphone.



LM-Automatyka uses, among others, ESEA dispersed devices.


System solutions - AMPIO

Thanks to its dispersed design AMPIO system is highly reliable. Its connection to a communication bus makes the system controllable from any place, both from inside the building and outside of it. The design allows for continuous modifications and improvements, which take into account your personal, changing expectations.

The system is a Polish product. Among Polish products, the Ampio smart home is one of the longest existing on the market. Over the years of work it has won many satisfied customers.



More about the system itself can be found on the AMPIO manufacturer's website